M&M Newsletter #7

I can't believe this mental year is drawing to a close. 2016 has been, by far our busiest and best and I hope that we've brought you some light and love with our songs in a year that will probably go down as the worst in history for the death of legends and the rise of idiots.

We are looking forward to a break at Christmas because when 2017 hits....    


November has been a bit of a mixed bag really with some serious highs (I'll get to it) and a low point when we had to cancel some gigs... Nothing major, but I was out of action for almost two weeks - I had my wisdom teeth pulled and then had a pretty bad reaction to the medication (fucking nightmare). Apologies to anyone who we've let down (I promise, we'll make it up ten-fold).

Anyway, congratulations to our pals Sparky and Elaine on their marriage in early November. We had a great buzz at the wedding, playing with a serious bunch of talented musicians.

On that same day, we launched our latest single 'Love & Be Loved' and have been receiving quite a lot of airplay in the UK - more than ever in fact... Special thanks to DJ Janice Long and the other Radio 2 DJ's who've been giving it a spin.

So the good stuff started to happen in the latter part of the month when we, and our legendary manager (Dave) started to send the album out to some music heads for feedback. The response, as we predicted, (it's a great record) was really good and we've since had offers of a record deal in Japan, as well as a good few in Europe.

I'm absolutely delighted to tell you that we've (just today) signed a cracking deal in Germany, Switzerland and Austria and will be releasing our album over there in April '17. We also plan to release/tour the rest of Europe too and I'm sure we'll have news of that in the December installment.

Also, our limited edition double a-side vinyl has just arrived in time for Christmas too and can be purchased on it's own, or with hand written lyric sheets here!


For now - have yourself a merry little Christmas and we'll catch you in the New Year when I can tell you how December went.