M&M Newsletter #2


It's the second edition of our newsletter and things have been nice and busy (so nice and busy that I kind of already regret agreeing to write this monthly buzz)...

We have done our first ever European dates, playing very different, but all very positive gigs in The Netherlands:

First up was Volendam, where we were introduced to two brothers (and absolute gents) from the band AlascA. Frank (the lead singer), collected us and took us to the venue where his lovely fiance had cooked us a lovely meal. The gig was really well received and we invited Frank and Paul, his brother, up for the encore (We did The Band's ‘The Weight’). We then sold and signed loads of records and went to crash at their studio. I was overwhelmed by Volendam itself; I've never been anywhere quite like it. It's a really beautiful seaside town with a great history (thanks to Frank's stories) and I would recommend it for a break.

Encore with AlascA - Volendam, The Netherlands

Encore with AlascA - Volendam, The Netherlands


The next day we travelled from Volendam, through Amsterdam and on to The Hague (all by train because I f*cked up the booking of the rental car). Ireland were playing Belgium that day so it was a very rushed and panicked encounter, all because we were desperate to get there before kick off. We missed the first train and our second attempt was not helped by me, very intelligently dropping my house keys out of the train doors just as they were closing (don't know how it happened)... A local man politely told me to pull the emergency handle, so I did. An announcement then came on the intercom to say that 'someone' had delayed the train - moments of chaos followed because the train terminated at an airport and I had quite clearly f*cked everyone's day. I did the whole journey with my head down, feeling lots of Dutch eyes burning into the back of me. To make matters worse, we're shooting a documentary, so most of this traumatic and very embarrassing experience is on camera.  Ireland lost and the room we stayed in was smaller than a jacks cubicle but the gig was enjoyable, albeit very interesting (you'll have to wait until the documentary to see who attended).

YEP - That's the first train pulling away in the distance and my devastated face

YEP - That's the first train pulling away in the distance and my devastated face

LEGGED it out of The Hague the next day and on to Breda, where we played an enjoyable afternoon show in a really cool venue. We played for well over an hour and sold/signed loads of records again... Day 3 always seems to be a good experience for us when touring. The stage usually seems more comforting and we tend to play very well together and usually with a longer set (three's the magic number).

Breda, The Netherlands

Breda, The Netherlands

We got back to London just in time for our first full band and covers experience at Covent Garden's 'The Roadhouse'... It was packed, we bossed it and it was great to see the band and our legendary manager Dave.

The next night I was in Spain to witness Robbie Brady become a 'F*CKIN' IRISH LEGEND!' with his late goal against the Italians.

After that, it was back to London and back to the Studio where the album is shaping up nicely and where we decided on our next single 'STAND DOWN'. The song is 'most' fitting for this time as it is aimed at  those poor unfortunates (politicians) who tend to stop at nothing when striving for success... They will lie, mislead, instill fear and do whatever it takes to get the people on side, without any true regard for the people. This song sparks the idea that there will eventually come a time when we'll come together, rise above the fear and use truth, honesty and love to start fixing all of the things that need to be fixed.

We have set a release date for August 24th and have a hard hitting concept for the video.

I'll tell you more about it in the July edition.