M&M Newsletter #3

It is with a fragile body and mind (we've just been to the YNot festival with thirty odd lunatics) that I write the third installment of the M&M newsletter. 

July has been just as frantic as June. On the 3rd of July (having celebrated the birthday of my wife Sue), we were up at the crack of dawn to head to an empty nightclub/warehouse type place in Hackney with the band, a bunch of actors, crew and our pal and director/videographer James Skerrit to shoot the video for our latest single 'STAND DOWN'. It is always great to work with James. His positive attitude and ability to work 14 hours straight with a smile is truly admirable. So what we did was, we dressed a kid (the very talented Sonny) as a political leader (or potential 'leader' please America, don't let it happen) and put him on the podium. The idea was to portray the mentality of these people, as that of a spoilt child. We had him preaching to a bunch of reality TV style judges (just to further expose the madness of this day and age). As the video progresses, each judge has a sort of epiphany, realising that they don't have to deal with to the sh*t they're being fed and in fact can listen to words of positivity, honesty and a real message instead - through the beautiful art of lyrics in music (see it for yourself below). HUGE thank you to all involved in the making of this video.

And that's a wrap!

And that's a wrap!

On the 7th of July we went to our first gig in a long time as spectators. Our good friend Michele Stodart launched her 2nd album at The Islington... She was excellent and it was great to catch up with her and the other members of The Magic Numbers (legends). 

Check her out - http://michelestodart.co.uk/

We played two gigs in London on 15th of July - The Embankment Summer Market and another one in Ladywell before a very brief trip to Ireland (more partying).

On the 19th, we did our second full band covers show at The Roadhouse in Covent Garden before heading to The Deershed Festival on the 22nd. What a brilliant family festival this is. We played twice on the Friday, one on the Pallet stage (unplugged) and one on the Obelisk stage. The crowd really seemed to love it and we had a good group of people with us to support (family, management and an old babysitter of mine to name a few). Quick stop off in London for a covers gig before heading to Dorset for Tonefest on the Sunday. Tonefest was brilliant too, we played the 'Free Peace Suite' stage alongside Lucy Rose and our good pal Tom McQ. We've been very lucky this year to have been treated so well at all of the festivals we've done (and believe me there's been a good few), so nice one. On Thursday 28th we played at The Sebright Arms with the band to support Echotape for their album launch - they're a sound bunch.

Deer Shed Festival 2016

Deer Shed Festival 2016

On Saturday 30th the video went live and received thousands of views, likes, comments and shares in just a couple of days... Keep spreading the word people, I think the world should see/hear this one. 


Thanks for reading and hopefully when I come to writing the August installment, Stand Down will have been a roaring success.





Wed 10/08/16 @ The Black Heart - Camden, London ('Stand Down' Single Launch Party)

Fri 10/09/16 @ Unitarian Church Dublin - Ireland