M&M Newsletter #8

I sit down to write this latest newsletter with a serious fire inside. I am truly buzzed and ready to take this year by the scruff of the neck. This year we'll share our second album with you. An album which has already achieved more than the first one, without even being released. The songs are stronger, the production is (ten times) bigger and the message is as pure as ever before. You're gonna love it.

What can I say about December. It was a month of partying, celebrating and of course, playing music. We played over 15 gigs in every description of venue and boozer. It was brilliant. There were a few highlights - the Christmas session for our friends and management in our favourite little underground Italian haunt in Soho. We enjoyed playing in Chelmsford and Hereford too but the most enjoyable one of December would have to be our Dublin date in a local pub in Rathcoole 'The Rathcoole Inn'. We rammed the house and raised almost €4000 for the Pieta House charity. It was so good to see our enormous contingent of family and friends, coming together to support a great cause. It really was the best way to cap off the best year for us... So far.

Here's a little round up:
•    January - Kicked off the year by playing The Late Late Show, performing Cold November Sunrise which will be the first song on our new album. 
•    February - Embarked on a new adventure when we started playing our new UK band (feels like we've been playing together years now)
•    March - Played to our biggest crowd to date... 20,000 people at Trafalgar Square. It was a special moment
•    April - Made massive progress in the studio. This was the month when the album started coming together perfectly. Went to Coachella festival in the US too. 
•    May - Created a buzz by playing some full band shows in the UK including a very well attended show in The Hospital Club in London. 
•    June - Made our European debut when we went to The Netherlands to play in Volendam, The Hague and Breda (as well as a pit stop in Amsterdam). Great times. 
•    July - Shot the video and released 'Stand Down' which was A-Listed on Radio 1 Ireland and received some airplay in the UK. 
•    August - Played sh*t loads of festivals and toured the UK.
•    September - Went on our first full band tour of Ireland, finishing off in The Dublin Unitarian Church. It really was a special show (and month). 
•    October - Mastered our album at Abbey Road Studios and played in The Royal Albert Hall. Unbelievable. 
•    November - Released 'Love & Be Loved' and received our largest amount of radio play in the UK to date, particularly on Radio 2. 
•    December - See above.

So now, I start this New Year by telling you that we have decided on a title for album two. I think it's very fitting with the story of the year we've just had, along with the bigger sound and the growth of the M&M team. The album will be called 'WE RISE' and I can confirm that we will be releasing in April/May time in Ireland, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Australia and New Zealand. We've also had some offers in Japan as well as a number of other countries so we're aiming for a worldwide release. I hope to have more news on this next month. 

Pre-Order 'We Rise' here

Happy New Year - I wish you all a very happy and healthy 2017.